Guidelines to Follow When Buying a Parking Payment Machine

27 Dec

A walk up parking machine  gives you an opportunity to have exact customized offers such full touch screens as well as compliance encrypted cards readers. The unattended machine has the card as the most basic payment option. Once cards have been accepted the other step can be to accept coins as other payment options. Besides you can upgrade it to have a touch screen that enhances your customers usability. In case you want this machine type to issue change to clients all you will do is look for an automated one that will give change and coins. On the other hand there is the attended one that requires to be configured so that it produces a receipt that is marked as paid and it is then printed. These walk up machines make your work easier and accurate. It is however important that you know how to purchase the best machine as well as choosing the right one. To have a wide range to choose from make a point of going to a supplier stocks most varieties in the market. Once you are aware of a seller who stock most varieties you will also need to make decisions on the following.

To start with know if you need one that is attended or one that is unattended. Here you will make the decision based on where your facility is and how busy it is . Those who operate very busy sites should go for the unattended which is offers card payment and since card payment is the fastest means for customers. Furthermore customers will always look forward to coming back to your facility if they have an awesome experience and convenience. Be sure to read about  Parking Payment Machine here!

The next decisions to make is whether you want one that is capable of giving change to your customers. To choose best you must go for a model that has the configuration functions for the cashier box. A reputable company will give you many options for this with customized colors sizes branding for a unique experience. To add to this the cashier box is configured to rate tickets whenever there are such changes as offers and coupons. These functions are done with utmost convenience and since the machine will record al the payments the business owner is sure to get accurate financial audits. Be sure to see more here!


Regardless of the machine that you buy you will have your parking payments done with ease. You should invest in one. Be sure to watch this video at for more info about parking decals.

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